How to promote your practice as a centre of optical excellence

How to promote your practice as a centre of optical excellence

The vast majority of independent practices provide quality eye care and eyewear at reasonable prices. So what can you do to give yours that vital competitive edge?

Make sure your practice is known as the centre of optical excellence in your area. Then patients will not consider going elsewhere – and you can command premium prices for your services.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to provide convincing information about how your practice can improve people’s vision.

To help you, we’ve created two fact-sheets (called Vision Guides) – carefully written to build your practice’s authority and reputation for excellence. They cover:

The importance of regular eye examinations – this explains how you look after your patients’ eye health as well as their vision. It builds your practice’s image for professional eye care.

The benefits of wearing the right frame – this emphasises your practice’s dispensing expertise so that patients know they’ll look great as well as see better with their new glasses.

These Vision Guides are personalised with your practice’s name and logo to reinforce its reputation. They can be sent out with recall letters, used for household drops, integrated into your website, and used for PR articles in your local paper.

The Vision guides are available as PDF artwork so you can have them printed locally whenever you want.

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