How much income are you losing, because your patient recall letters let you down?

The average patient response rate to a three letter recall series is just 53%. That means nearly half the letters sent are wasted, costing you money in lost test fees and dispensing revenue.

But it’s possible to achieve a 70% response rate or more – providing you use the right words and patient recall frequency. Imagine how much difference that would make to your practice income?

We’ll show you how with ‘More Patients More Often’. This two-part programme gives you the knowledge and practical help to improve your recall communications, boost appointments and generate more revenue.

Part One – the manual – shows you exactly how to produce much better recall letters yourself, and when to send them. Its 79 pages cover the following eight sections:

  • Why you need a more effective recall programme
  • Why patients ignore your current letters
  • How to get much more response through patient segmentation
  • How to develop the optimum recall strategy
  • 11 essential techniques to produce better letters yourself
  • Recall letters masterclass – what to look for when reviewing your own letters
  • How to use email and text messages to reinforce your letters
  • Checklist of key techniques to generate more appointments

Part Two – the kit – gives you 86 professionally written letters that cover all the key optical areas and patient groups. These letters have been crafted by Ian Feber, one of the UK’s leading copywriters, and can be used immediately to improve your patients’ response.

  • Ideal if you haven’t got the time to write your own letters
  • Wide choice of text to suit every type of independent practice
  • Available in printed binder and on CD for easy use

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